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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Children often radiate with wonder when considering the possibilities of this question. The myriad of choices before them is electrifying as they contemplate their burgeoning identities.

Will I eat today?

For the child who asks this question, the struggles of today outweigh their hopes for the future. They have the same burning curiosities as any child, but hold their dreams closer with a gentler more humble glow. Every child deserves the chance to say, “I am smart enough, I am strong enough, I can do this myself.” However, the simple inability to pay for higher education is enough to extinguish the brightest light.

Bright Future Foundation is working to make a quality education more readily accessible to students domestically and those living in developing nations. Students across the globe share the desire to learn. However, children coming of age amid ever-evolving socio-economic systems are fighting an uphill battle. They come from families of hard-working parents who, nevertheless, cannot afford to properly educate their children. We believe opportunity belongs to the working poor as much as it belongs to the wealthy.

Our immediate efforts are focused on helping poor students pay for higher education in China. The relatively new free market in China would seemingly create opportunity for the wider population. Indeed, China has experienced explosive economic growth. However, this growth has been so rapid that it has gone largely unchecked. The result is a widening gap between rural and urban income. Rural and migrant students often cannot afford to finish high school let alone pay exorbitant college tuition fees.

We are currently offering grants to individual high school students. These grants fund senior secondary school tuition and living expenses. Additionally, we are offering a scholarship program that will award four year college tuition and living expenses. By partnering with local charities and non-government organizations, we locate and identify students who show the most promise and who are in the greatest need.

Within the confines of social injustice, the promise of universal basic education remains elusive. Children in China and developing nations around the globe are not receiving a fair start in life. As our foundation and resources grow, we will expand our reach beyond China and extend aid to poor students in other countries.

We cannot single-handedly correct struggling educational systems or rid the world of poverty, but we can help individuals transcend circumstances that are beyond their control. We simply wish to help as many students as funds will allow.

In this age of increasing globalization, contributions to our organization have lasting impacts on society as a whole. Education empowers the individual to pull themselves out of poverty. It sparks a child’s potential, kindling a fragile flame that would otherwise remain in the shadows. Funding just one student’s education enables entire communities to benefit from the light of their skills and talent.

We are looking for outstanding candidates whose talents will make an impact on society at large. Our application process includes a review of household income and is looking to find students who have shown excellence in scholastic achievement. Students who qualify will be asked to complete an essay explaining their desired field of study and career path. In making our final selection, our top candidates will be interviewed by members of the Board.

Bright Future Foundation is a registered 501(c) non-profit organization. All of the foundation’s tax returns and exemption application are available upon written request sent to the foundation address.

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